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Good Evening People,

I am the bringer of bad news for now, the download section has been taken offline and i am so close  to removing commenting capabilities on the news posts. This comes after being spammed nearly every day through the comment fields on both sections, in just over a month it managed to rack up over 4500 spam comments. I have manged to keep up with them on the news, but was forced to take the downloads section down to prevent any more from being posted.

I am at the moment however in the process of installing a new version, but am having difficulties with the SQL service (database) that it requires, i have no admin page, or password to assist in the setup. I am still awating information from CNCGuild admin on this.

I hope you all hang in there, and i promis new downloads will be available as soon as its all back up and running.

Over & Out...

PS: I lost 120gb of data due to a RAID problem, so i lost the entire mod and its old resources. Thankfuly i had 16 hours to spair to get most of the mod back, but lost allot of other things. bobingabout should have a full history and copy of my folder somewhere, so i dont think there will be too much lost.

12 Apr 2007 : 21:34 by Hunt7s

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Sign Up For Beta Testing!!


Calling all CNC players, we need you to test the new ROTC befoer we do a full public release, and / or continue some of the development.

All details and information is on this Forums Thread.. CLICK HERE

So please show us your support, and we will show you what we are doing.

Over and Out....

13 Feb 2007 : 19:41 by Hunt7s

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Big Changes Ahead

 Happy new year and all that. Im sorry for not posting so much news recently, (wow nearly 3 months) but im here to give you some updates on what we are doing and what has been done.

-: We are currently designing and getting together ingame shots for a new loading video, and hope that you will all like it.

-: Moval of BOTH test sides and new technology into ROTC has been going ahead, and i hope we will have some of it done before the next main release.

-: I am hoping to get some sort of list of everything we have balanced, changed, added and removed from the game, and hope that by doing this we manage to show that we have managed to do allot in the time we have been around. Download the new OLG slots App and start playing your favourite games today!

-: I dont know whether to change the site a little bit or allot, as i dont think we are getting the traffic we need to get our mod more noticed.

-: With the RockPatch changing hands and all the work that has been done on it over the past few months, we have had to change allot and remove some features from our mod to prevent them from causing Internal Errors. We are hoping to get hold of the beta of 1.9RP, and should get to work on getting as much put back into place with the new tags, and code that has to be use.


With Our team consisting of Rob and Myself, and with both of us woring full time and more its getting some time with the mod thats proving to be difficult. If there is any one out there that knows how to use a 3D modeling program, and is willing to help render buildings and some map structures please contact us, we are still in desperate need of these skills.

Hope you can hold on untill the next news with some teaser trailers and updates to what we will be releasing.

Over and Out, Steve

16 Jan 2007 : 19:15 by Hunt7s

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After some majour server problems, due to Hackers, we are back and hopefully i have manged to get everything up and working...

PLEASE  say if you find anything that does not work, or if you have any problems with the site. I have uploaded a month old backup, and updated all that had been updated, but i might have missed somthing.


17 Oct 2006 : 20:51 by Hunt7s

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RP 1.08 Released!!

Hi People,

Now that the RP Version 1.08 is out!!!

With the New Version of the Rock Patch, those that have The First Decade and Windows ME WILL now be able to play our mod, just simply download and install the 1.08 version of the Rock Patch and install Before you install our mod.

The download can be found on PD's Website: HERE

Now that it is released, more and more stuff can be put into the mod that has been coded. So hope for another relase soon.

Another Request  goes out to people as well, We still need a 3D modeler / skinner that can help me out with the buildings i have been making.

For now Over & Out....

PS: We are now over 300 downloads of the mod. Thank you all  it seems as though we average 100 downloads a month, allot more than i was thinking we would achive.

21 Aug 2006 : 18:28 by Hunt7s

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