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Retaliation of the civilians

A Mod For Red Alert 2 Yuri’s Revenge




          After the long battle between the 3 sides the allies and soviets had formed an alliance, and Yuri was imprisoned in a psychic proof chamber called the “Psychic nullifier” and they thought that was the end of everything, but they were wrong, it was only the beginning for the upcoming war to only be known as the Revolution.





          On the battlefield, in the midst of all the rubble and wreckages he awakens. A Yuri clone, all alone in the middle of nowhere, nothing but scrap and bloody guts as far as the eye and mind can see. What should he do? He manages to find a bunch of parts that he can build into something useful, using these parts he builds something that can be described as a vehicle and drives away in the amazing piece of engineering, thinking of one thing and one thing only. Free Yuri.


          He drives, seemingly forever, until he arrives at a place he is familiar with, Soviet territory, where is everyone? He meditates in deep thought to try and probe a mind, as he has no mind control technology to aid him he has to wait a while before he finds something. Too far away to control, but close enough to read. Excellent. I know what to do now Master Yuri. He proceeds further into the territory, until he finds a military base. He mind controls the commanding officer of the base, and makes him command his army to take the tanks and drive directly to the allied establishment in which Yuri is being held captive. He follows them, not forgetting to raid the base for food and supplies first.


          As they approach the allied establishment he hides and controls the commanding officer to order the attack on the establishment in which Yuri is being held. As a result, Yuri escapes, and the Soviet army is left fighting the allies in the establishment. As a result, the soviet and allied piece treaty is abandoned.


          Meanwhile in the vehicle Yuri and his clone exchange words, then threats and then finally Yuri pushes his clone out of the vehicle with his mind. The clone is shocked and amazed that his master would abandon him in the middle of nowhere. He stumbles into a small village where he is greeted by a bunch of fleeing civilians. He takes a seemingly abandoned house and claims it for his own.


After a few days, he has figured out what he should do, he finds and confronts the village sheriff, ex allied army “Colonel Kraven”. After a short discussion without the aid of mind control they agree on working together to create a new army in the name of the civilians to stop all attempts to dominate the world. Colonel Kraven helps him pick a new name, and now the Yuri clone will be known as “The Director”




Chapter 1

Before the game begins


Back in the white house president Dugan receives the news that there has been a soviet attack on an allied establishment and as a result Yuri has been freed, he decides to call in his top team of men.


Meanwhile back in the Kremlin, Romanov hears about what has happened, and apart from wondering why they attacked without him ordering one, and even worse freeing Yuri (you’d think he’d figure it out wouldn’t you?) he decides to try and find his old partner Vladimir, and his elite soldier Boris. He also orders the immediate assembly of his troops ready to go back to war.


While this is all going on, Yuri is still bombing along in the vehicle he stole from The Director, and of cause the main thing on his mind is total domination of the world. He soon arrives in his old base after a few days of travelling and finds it totally abandoned. He soon realizes that without the influence of his constant brain wave, his loyal initiates have abandoned him and gone back to the old ways, so the first thing he has to do is rebuild his entire army from scratch.


Back in The Directors new home village Shuravic, he and Colonel Kraven are getting started on the creation of the new Civilian Defence Army (CDA), first to join the team is the local film star, Sammy Stallion. Fortunately for them there is an old abandoned allied base not far from the village where Colonel Kraven used to be stationed. Sammy and Kraven take it in turns to run the new boot camp while they both work with The Director in the creation of the new technology. First to go on the production line is the standard issue rifle and a new Kraven tank named after the creator, Colonel Kraven.


With the team arriving at the pentagon, president Dugan makes his way down there. When he enters he is greeted by both new and old faces, First in the team is Tanya Adams, next is old doc Einstein working on his homework for his new personal weapon, also in the room is a new face, Billy Smithson with his futuristic plasma gun created by Einstein. They agree to help each other in creating special defence against their enemies, Yuri and the Soviet Union. First of all they need to assemble the troops ready for war.


Knowing the inevitable attack from someone, Romanov finds Boris and Vladimir, along with Vladimir’s new partner Sergei, and they open the training grounds to train the conscripts. Vladimir’s partner Sergei was an old desolator, but because he was promoted to work with Vladimir he has had a weapons upgrade. Not only does he have duel radiation beams, but he also has radioactive grenades. Boris has had his weapons upgraded aswell, the main difference in his weapons is that he no longer has the authority to call in an air strike, mainly because he doesn’t need to any more because he has a new more powerful weapon, a cluster weapon. It isn’t long before the training grounds are full of troops training for the upcoming battles.


Yuri in his hunt and knowing his disadvantaged position quickly creates a few clones and gathers a bunch of slaves to train into his new army of initiates, amongst the crowd he finds an exceptional student with amassing destructive capabilities, knowing his disposition he isolates him and begins to train him into a new member of his team, the student learns quickly, but only in the area of destructive mind manipulation, Yuri soon promotes him to the rank of Psi Master, a member of his new personal guard.


The Civilian Defence Army is almost ready for the first attack on Yuri and the Soviets, this army lead by Colonel Kraven consists of 2 units, Kraven troops and Kraven tanks, while they step forward and head into the training ground for a bit of field experience, Sammy Stallion and The Director start work on a slightly more high tech approach to things. Sammy gets his customised set of guns and grenades while the Director trains himself in electron manipulation.


Now, at this point the Allied, Soviet and Civilian Defence armies are almost assembled and ready for an attack, not realising that non of the other sides are planning one just yet, except the evil Yuri who isn’t ready.




Chapter 2

Starting the battle


It has now been 10 days since the attack on the allied establishment in which Yuri escaped.


Back in the pentagon, Tanya is assembling her attack team while Billy Smithson assembles the defence team. Both teams consist of the basic soldiers and tanks, GIs and Grizzlies. Tanya will mount an attack on the location of Yuri’s last known base while Billy will command the defence fleets protecting the allied bases.


Over in the Kremlin, Boris assembles his attack team while Vladimir assembles the defence team. Both teams consist of the basic soldiers and tanks, Conscripts and Rhino tanks. Boris will mount an attack on a small village where a Yuri sighting has been spotted while Vladimir will command the defence teams protecting the basses of the Soviet Union.


Meanwhile, Yuri is still scrambling to pull his teams together ready for either an attack or defence, as all he has is initiates and Psi Master, he orders the re-activation of the war factory to build an emergency supply of lasher tanks. He decides to order Psi Master to gather troops to mount an attack on the allies while Yuri builds up all his defences to protect his base, due to all the confusion he has turned all the slaves into initiates so he designs a new miner and refinery to gather ore and quickly sends the designs to production.


Back in Shuravic, Colonel Kraven and The Director are deciding on who should do what for the upcoming battle, the decision is that Colonel Kraven should attack Yuri's base with his team while Sammy attacks a Soviet base with some of the Kraven troops and tanks. While they attack, The Director will build up defences in Shuravic to protect against any form of attack namely from Yuri. Before the attack is mounted the 3 of them come up with a new design for a miner and refinery aswell as power plants, as they have no means of power or money other than public donations and civilian power lines. The results of which are very interesting.


From this point on the story line will be split, depending on which side you chose to play as.



Chapter 3A

First Attack Allied


Tanya and her team of troops set out towards Yuri's old base, as intelligence spotted a weird vehicle heading in that direction and also say that the old base has been reactivated. Along with the troops she also takes a few tanks and an MCV. It takes a couple of days but Tanya arrives at Yuri's old Transylvanian fortress, upon arriving, a weird robotic unit spots the team. The robot attacks Tanya, but Tanya kills it before it has a chance to kill her. She and the rest of the team continue onto the fortress to see Yuri leaving with a group of tanks and an MCV. What better opportunity to attack Yuri's base than when he has just left. The team rush in and are soon overwhelmed by a hoard of initiates and lasher tanks. So they split up, half the team and the MCV hunt to find a decent ground to set up base, while Tanya and the other half repel the attacking forces, while this battle is in progress a small army of unknown origin approach with what looks like an MCV. They also split up into 2 groups, half sending the MCV to build up a base, while the other half join in and help the allies defend themselves against Yuri. They successfully repel the attacking forces then have a little chat explaining who they are.


Among this group is Colonel Kraven, he explains that he is in charge of a new Civilian Defence Army who are trying to defend all civilians around the world against Yuri and the Soviet Union. Both he and Tanya gather their troops and head back to the bases, preparing the strike on Yuri's base.


Meanwhile back at an Allied base, there is a sighting of Yuri soldiers marching towards their base, the base is put on red alert and troops are send out to defend against the attack while the war factory is activated to produce more tanks. As the soldiers approach the army they start to explode. They spot Yuri in a green cape heading towards them, but it isn’t actually Yuri, it’s his personal guard Psi Master. They all rush in to attack with great loss, but in the end he retreats, leaving his army to be killed defending him. The Allies manage to destroy the entire army.


After a couple of hours the whole team of both the Allies and CDA go in and crush the entire base. Unfortunately they couldn’t go after Yuri after having to repel his guard forces, they could only wait to see where his forces would amass from next.


After the battles they hear reports of a further 2 battles, one in a small village in Allied territory called Shuravic, and one on the Soviets. Shuravic managed to defend itself against the attack while the Soviet base was destroyed by the CDA.



Chapter 3S

First Attack Soviet


Boris with his small army of tanks, and conscripts, together with an MCV head out towards Shuravic, following the intelligence that this was the last location of Yuri. Realising this is in allied territory they proceed carefully. Fortunately for them, they do not encounter any resistance on the way. They reach Shuravic without any resistance. They deploy the MCV and set up base not too far from the main village, behind a bunch of roadside trees. After a while the base is set up and ready to increase the size of the army.


Boris and the primary troops told not to fire at anyone unless attacked except Yuri, head out towards Shuravic, but when they get there, and look over the cliff, they see a base, unlike any they have seen before, then distinguish it to be an old allied style. This could be a problem.


They have the order to kill Yuri, but with the base there they are unsure what to do, and being built in a village, with the order not to kill civilians, well, complicated. Boris decides to take out only soldiers and military targets. They go in there and are confronted by soldiers, so the battle begins.


Over in one of the Soviets Defence posts an army of unknown origin approaches, seems to be an army from a nearby base, the soviet armies are deployed and a resistance is put in place, it doesn’t take too much effort to draw back the unknown forces. The soldiers from the force that aren’t killed in battle retreat back off away from the base, Following Vladimir’s orders more defence turrets are put into place, but the soldiers are not chased.


Back in Shuravic Boris’s army has destroyed most of the military intelligence from the seemingly unknown side, suspected to be a division from the allies, but there is no sign of Yuri. So, with the base in ruins, but with minimum damage to the village, Boris and the soviet force return back to the base and are told to sell up and repack the MCV and continue looking for Yuri. Although this battle is over, the other battle still isn’t.


Back at the same soviet defence post, more soldiers together with a bunch of tanks, also never seen before, approach from a distance, while the soviet forces beat back this attack force with everything they got, they also send out a few patrol units to seek out this base that the units are coming from. Not too far away from their base they find an outpost including a barracks and war factory, but there was nothing they could do while they were under attack, they fight like crazy until they finally win. After the battle they gather as many troops together as possible and while they repair the damage to their base they send the army to attach that outpost, with the primary mission of destroying the factories, including any source of income. In this battle they loose all their units, but not before destroying the factories and refinery, when the soviet base is repaired they send a few scout units to check out the situation of the enemy base, only to find it has gone.


After the battles reports come in about an attack on an allied base from Yuri, the base was completely destroyed. They also get news that this unknown army is known as the Civilian Defence Army, and didn’t realise that they weren’t specifically their enemies, and this Yuri sighting was actually a mistake as it was The Director, one of the leaders of this army, they decided they must continue the search for Yuri without further provoking the CDA.



Chapter 3Y

First Attack Yuri


Psi master approaches Yuri and says “Master Yuri, we need more men, and just us 2 as the troop leaders isn’t going to be enough if anything were to go wrong.” Yuri replies, “nothing should go wrong, but you are right, we need more men, and more members of my Elite guard. That’s why I have been working on a robot. The first prototype is ready, lets send him out as a scout. As for the men, lets just build more tanks for now, the chance for more men will come soon. Prepare the first wave for an attack on the allied fleet.” “Yes master” replies Psi master.


So, Psi master takes half the supply of tanks, half the men, and an MCV and heads out towards the targeted allied base, while Yuri keeps the other half to defend his base. Also his prototype robot is on the loose scouting the area.


After a couple of days Tanya and her team of troops arrive at Yuri's fortress, upon arriving, the robot spots them. The robot attacks Tanya, but Tanya kills it before it has a chance to kill her. She and the rest of the team continue onto the fortress. Yuri dispatches his team, a handful of troops, and most of the tanks, he knows has to build up his army before he can win, so gets to work gathering more men while his soldiers delay the attack.


While Yuri is defending his fortress, Psi master is arriving at the allied outpost. “Lets set up this base out of sight” says Psi master. They set up the base and start producing more tanks, while Psi master and the tanks they arrived with and a handful of the troops head in to attack the base. Psi master uses his unique ability to destroy the allied army while it approaches. In no time at all the allied fleet starts to grow thin, allowing the tanks to go and crush the base. Psi master swiftly scores the first victory for Yuri in no time at all, and sets up a new outpost in the name of Yuri.


Back at the Yuri fortress things aren’t going as good as could be hoped. A new player turns up in the middle of the battle and helps the allied team destroy Yuri’s defence army. Yuri is annoyed now, it’s going to be harder to win. Time is the decider. First things first, Attack the allies with everything we have. So, Yuri sends as many men as he can spare with all the tanks he has produced to go and attack the allied base. so, he outnumbers the allies base and wouldn’t you know it, the other side comes and helps the allies fight them off, but even with the help of the other side, the allies can’t fight them off. In this battle the allied base is destroyed and most of the army killed. Tanya and Kraven flee the battlefield taking as many troops and tanks as they can before the Yuri army destroys both bases. Victory.


After the battle the robot doesn’t return, so Yuri heads out with some initiates to look for it. Yuri finds the robot in pieces on the floor, with a chunk of flesh under its claws. “Lets see who this great hero was who destroyed my prototype.” Says Yuri. So they take the robot back to the fortress and await the return of Psi master. Yuri uses this chunk of flesh to create a clone of the person who destroyed the robot, and also decides what the robot needs is to be a cyborg, a robot with a human brain, and who better to take it from than the person who killed the robot.


After the return of Psi Master, Yuri hears news of the battles fought during the past few days. The soviets made a fool of themselves at a village called Shuravic, attacking the army known as the CDA, which happened to be the same army that attacked him, Yuri was pleased to hear that the soviets forced the army out of Shuravic, but wasn’t so pleased to hear that it was because they thought he was over there. He then realises that this army must be lead by that clone that saved him, and since they attacked him, he wants revenge. Also the CDA attacked a soviet base. The soviets drove off the attack.



Chapter 3C

First Attack CDA


Colonel Kraven heads out to Yuri’s base with his army, while Sammy Stallion heads out to a Soviet base with his army. The Director stays in Shuravic to protect the base against any attack.


After a few days Colonel Kraven arrives at Yuri’s fortress, and to his dismay, there is a battle raging between the Allied and Yuri troops, Colonel Kraven orders his troops to split up, half heading with him to help the Allies, while the other half heads off with the MCV to set up a base.


Sammy Stallion sets off to find a Soviet base, after a few days he finds a good spot near a Soviet base and orders the deployment of the MCV. After quickly setting up a small base Sammy takes his entire force and heads over to the soviet base. The Soviet base notices the attack and sends out a defence team to hold off the attack. It is a long battle, but the CDA manage to win the battle and then go in and destroy the entire soviet base. After the battle Sammy claims the land as another spot for the CDA to defend.


The Director also has his hands full, Soviets raging towards the village isn’t a good sign. He despatches his fleet and uses all his powers to stop the soviet force before they cause too much damage to the village or the base. After destroying the attack force he sends the troops out to patrol for a soviet base. They find a base hiding behind a bunch of roadside trees and The Director orders all the troops out to destroy it. There is little resistance left to stop them from destroying the base so it is another victory for the CDA.


Colonel Kraven’s hands still aren’t empty yet, the battle to help Tanya against the Yuri troops is long and ends after a long battle, so he talks to Tanya describing who the CDA is, and what their intensions are, Explaining that they are going to help the Allies in this battle against Yuri. They then split up and return to the nearby outposts to build up the attack force. Later that day the CDA together with the allies go in and flood Yuri out, however, Yuri being such a coward retreats with an MCV leaving his troops to distract the Allies and CDA. The battle is short and the Yuri fortress is destroyed once again.


After the battles The Director hears news of another battle during the past few days. Yuri attacked the Allies, and a lot of soldiers were killed but in the end the allies won the fight.