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Battle 1 hero
this mode is the same as battle mode, but it has only the heroes enables, not the dignitary heroes. so you only have 1 hero per side, Tanya, Boris, Psi Master, and Sammy Stallion

This is one hell of a game mode, the primary concern is the fact that this is waged on maps designated for survivor mode, and instead of an MCV you start with a command tank. this tank has more fire power and defenses that any of the other units in any army. the best way to defeat one is with another command tank, or several apoc class tanks such as the apocalipse, or 666. your army consist of apoc class tanks and advanced infantry. mind control is useless against a command tank, so yuri get the lestech tank instead of the mastermind, even though lestech is not apoc class. for a more interesting game, short game allows enemies to be eliminated once the command tank is destroyed.

We are trying to think of other modes, if you have any ideas please email Bobingabout with your idea.

Note: in commander mode yuri will get the soviet command tank because yuri and soviet colours are simular. this allows for a work around for the 4th side explosion in short game.