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Transfer Compleat
Transfer is Compleat, old address of cnc2.gamemod.net is now no longer in use, the www.cnc.2ya.com and cnc2.cncguild.net are both up and running, so please repoint your Favorites to those addresses.


17 May 2006 : 13:06 by Hunt7s

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Site Move / Upgrades

As probably some of you already know, the gamemod domain is not being used any more, so this site and all those that are on that domain are moving over to the cncguild domain. This does mean a full server move, as well as a full setup of all my applications and things again. So the site might be down for a week or two during the move.
I hope when the site comes back up that i will have the new download center finished, and that i will manage to figure out how to change the Entire Theme of it to make it match into the current site.

if any one has any comments about how to update the site, make it better, or any comments about the mod, do not hesitate to ask... and i will answer and things :)

13 May 2006 : 14:54 by Hunt7s

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Thankyou All :)
I would like to give a big thanks to which ever admin helped to sort out my problems smile Very much appreciated.

Onto the Real news....

Both Rob and I, have hit rather a large dead end with moding..

I have Found a new level of modding, its called "House v0.1". In normal peoples lingo, i have a house and im in the process of doing it up.. this does mean that time away from work is mostly spent at the house, or doing even more work to support the bills that will start comming in....

Though I have not forgot my mod, and i will not forget that people are waiting for more to be done on it. We have been awaiting for some small things to happen in the community before we try and adventure into the next build..
1: PD will be bringing out his version 1.8 soon enough and this will assist in many things that still need to be finished with our coding.
2: A skinner for my 3D models, even though i have started to learn, as you have read i have no longer got the time to struggle with the very little skills i have to do it, so i am sticking to the modeling side of things and am aiming to get the rest of the buildings done at some time after easter, and after money has built back up.
3: Rob and I both have ideas brimming for many new things, E.g. The single player expansion to the mod, and a few changes to the way that sides and things work (wich would involve allot of deletion and remodeling of current sides), all are vast projects and with only 2 of us, a little large to start.

So as you can see we are not dead, just struggeling to keep up.

So for now i hope people will enjoy what is to offer.

Steve (The Director / Hunt7s)
10 Apr 2006 : 19:04 by Hunt7s

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New Year, No Different Things
Well a new year and suposibly a new start.

Ye right.

Work on the mod is still static in the sence of release data, though i am still working on my skills with 3D rendering and skinning, and i must say im starting to get the hang of it, slowly but surly i think i should be able to make some sort of skin that matches what i really wanted, but have not been able to achive over the past year.

Other than that, nothing really happening on the mod (as far as i know)

As for life, its going slow and boring.sad no interacions socialy, all work and no play, no good for any one. people have dropped of the face of the earth since the new years eve of work. So two jobs, car, other financial standings. Good things are becoming of work, i have a couple of co-workers that i get on well with, and work on the same wave length, so working out very well with more things getting done than i could do on my own.

Sorry there isnt any more mod news than that i am learning things, but im sure there will be something soon. Rob has a few coding things up his sleeve i think.

Over and Out.
14 Jan 2006 : 00:07 by Hunt7s

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Just to say a Very Merry Christmas, and i hope that you all enjoy your day, and the night of fun smile...

and to all the kids out there, hope santa delivered some very very good stuff to you, and that the being good part actualy paid off for you all tongue

So to all A good night.
25 Dec 2005 : 23:55 by Hunt7s

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