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Mod Updates & Additions
Well another Month, another few days closer to the end of me being a Teenager sad so im trying to be as childish as possible and have as much fun as i can, lol tongue 20 is a mile stone i dont want to hit, but 21 will be good, so i can stay there all my life lol. wink

Any ways. We have a new mod on the go with the code name R:BOTH. This was started by Rob because he got board of not moding, and didnt want to do any AI work. So he started the code and the info for another extension to the Saga.

On ROTC terms, well i still havnt really managed to get skinning down the perfection, but i will get there sooner or later. I have not done much other than work and sleep, and playing on FEAR to relax, So mod time has suffered. I have as i said a bday soon, so im going out and enjoying myself with friends and family allot over the next weeks, so that will impact on lots of things lol.

Progress is being made tho, and i have allot of other side jobs on the go that are going to make me money. lol so well life goes on and things will get updated. Rob is supposed to be getting some new screen shots as he is the only one with the newest relese of the mod, and has the temp graphix in place without the skins on. Looking good i must say. So well once he has pulled his finger and got some screen shots while he is playing the game, we will have some more for the site.

Well enjoy what we have to offer at the moment, and keep checking back for more. smile

16 Nov 2005 : 12:30 by Hunt7s

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So AS Requested, News Update...
Well people, long time again, and im sorry about that. Life is just getting in the way. Rob and I are working on the mod, At the moment we have broken it and removed all CDA graphix ... wassat yes Removed all the graphix. But do not worry, i have managed to convert most of my 3D models into proper Renders, and well Still no skins or good looking colour, but it will do for now. They are as i speak being converted into shp's by rob, while i have nearly compleated the GUI images. Just awaiting for Rob now to do the Palates and things for them, and we will give you a new update on the forums on that one.

As for other things that are going on, i have a friend making another site for me, just as a bit of a thing for him to do, and he said he could improve the site to i said ok.. might not use it yet, but havnt seen it so i cant judge. So this site will get some much needed attention Soon tongue one way or another...

AS for other things going on with the mod.. As usual we are working along side PD, and helping him with his Patch. Working with more ideas around the mod and adding them in soon... night maps and light posts so that we will basicly make a full set of light posts for each side, and some light Vehicles if we can wink But we will see. I have played one of my own maps smile in the dark and i must admit it puts a very intresting edge on things.

AI, i dont know how thats comming but acording to work that has been done and i have played against, well your in for a treat...

Oh and one last thing.. We have had some comments said on a forum that people dont like our "Silly Beta's" that are "Broken", well they are Beta's laughing But any ways, Alpha will come when we have grpahix, as nothing is an Alpha without Graphix, we will get there I promis you that. WE havnt lasted nearly 3.5 years for nothing (even tho it looks like it lol)...

Thats all for now... Steve (The Director, Hunt7s)
14 Oct 2005 : 10:03 by Hunt7s

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Site Updates??
Hi All, well the next week is hopefuly your lucky week, im feeling in a website and moding mood, plus i have some time off work... tongue So all in all i think i should be able to get some of this site upaded with new ScreenShots, Videos, 3D animations... You name it ill try and give you it laughing

If you want to see something in more depth, or would like to know more about something, or even just want something extra added to the site, just give me a haller on the Coments of this post or on E-mail with the subject CNC2 to Hunt7s(AT)hotmail(dot)Com

smile Hunt7s
14 Jul 2005 : 15:34 by Hunt7s

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**Tumble Weed Blows Past**
*Blows the dust of the keyboard, and waits for the screen to warm up. Thinking of the good old days when time was plentyful..*

Hi all, the site seems a bit dead.. Sorry about that. Ive been meaning to do some maintenece on the layout and the news script, but i just havnt got round to doing it sad . Life is tending to keep me busy, still no female company for me, crying , but I wouldnt have time for her either so think its for the best at the moment.
The mod seems to be on hold again, till either i have more time, Rob can be bothered and wants to do it again, and we get some one to help me out on graphix. So all in all we have gone as far as we can without the graphix, even tho we have tuns more to do on the code side, as we have allot of ideas that can be implemented, but Rob jsut doesnt seem to see the point if we cant get graphix to go along with them.

Night Battle Mode-- Maps pitch black, with light posts at the most cruicial points, each side has its own light post and colour light, thinking about implementing Alpha lighting, and asked PD if its possible for units to have light emmiting, as with Alpha maps it would be nice to give them head lights. But that a long shot..

New Countries-- (well special sides), Einstine, Vlad, and Yuri wil have their own Countries to lead, with new buildings, Tech ideas. (Einstine with his all Beta Laza systems for tanks and base defences..Alliedes Revenge style.)

And a few others... So please dont see us as Dead, just Rob on hold sad


Steve (Hunt7s, The Director)
27 Jun 2005 : 11:35 by Hunt7s

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Mod Uploaded again
Well Revora Backup didnt go to plan with the server change, and well i lost the lot, but thankfuly i backed up the entire site, BUT the news script and the news archives, that i was gonna make and sort out Hmm The day it all went tits up. crying So Mod is back up at least, and things are some what "Normal", so please download the mod, and give us your feedback on the forums. thanks
23 May 2005 : 18:02 by Hunt7s

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