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OK OK, When did we Pass 200??

 I seem to have missed 100 downloads here, we are at 230 already and i didnt even notice...

Ok if people would please put comments up about the mod tho please  as we need some motivation, and some feedback on our work please.

Thanks for your support so far.

Over and Out..

19 Jul 2006 : 17:28 by Hunt7s

comments (11)

Hey since this site has now got its proper download manger, i have uploaded some of the resource files that the pair of us have done over the years. There will be more to come, and allot of our unused stuff will probably be converted for use by others. So keep an eye out and check for new stuff in the downloads section.
03 Jul 2006 : 11:51 by Hunt7s

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Thanks to all of you out there that have downloaded the mod, now that we have the proper download database in use i can see how many downloads the mod has had. In the last month there has been over 100 downloads and still going. So i would liketo say a big thankyou  to all those that have downloaded and played our mod, we did not think that it was this poppular.


18 Jun 2006 : 18:56 by Hunt7s

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A New Version is Now out and ready for your download.

You may now find that there is a fully working download section, link located at the left hand side.
There are two versions of the download ready for you to use, either a fully working exe installer, or a zip that incorperates floppy sized files for transfer to older / other computers.

On an additional note to this, we are continuing to do some development on the mod, so please check the forums and things for more info. Comments are welcome.

28 May 2006 : 20:14 by Hunt7s

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Lets Get Back On Track.
Ok dokei M8's tongue

My computer is now back up and running after 4days of not having one. I have no idea what happend to it, i just simply had to strip it down, clean, rebuild, format and reinstall the entire F**king thing. angry

Well any ways things should now be getting back on track, Got allot done, and was planning on a relase on the 21st, but since i didnt have a computer, i couldnt get things done in time, so soon i hope we will release the next addition. tongue

Over and out for now.
24 May 2006 : 12:00 by Hunt7s

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