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**Tumble Weed Blows Past**
*Blows the dust of the keyboard, and waits for the screen to warm up. Thinking of the good old days when time was plentyful..*

Hi all, the site seems a bit dead.. Sorry about that. Ive been meaning to do some maintenece on the layout and the news script, but i just havnt got round to doing it sad . Life is tending to keep me busy, still no female company for me, crying , but I wouldnt have time for her either so think its for the best at the moment.
The mod seems to be on hold again, till either i have more time, Rob can be bothered and wants to do it again, and we get some one to help me out on graphix. So all in all we have gone as far as we can without the graphix, even tho we have tuns more to do on the code side, as we have allot of ideas that can be implemented, but Rob jsut doesnt seem to see the point if we cant get graphix to go along with them.

Night Battle Mode-- Maps pitch black, with light posts at the most cruicial points, each side has its own light post and colour light, thinking about implementing Alpha lighting, and asked PD if its possible for units to have light emmiting, as with Alpha maps it would be nice to give them head lights. But that a long shot..

New Countries-- (well special sides), Einstine, Vlad, and Yuri wil have their own Countries to lead, with new buildings, Tech ideas. (Einstine with his all Beta Laza systems for tanks and base defences..Alliedes Revenge style.)

And a few others... So please dont see us as Dead, just Rob on hold sad


Steve (Hunt7s, The Director)
27 Jun 2005 : 11:35 by Hunt7s

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