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Well another Month, another few days closer to the end of me being a Teenager sad so im trying to be as childish as possible and have as much fun as i can, lol tongue 20 is a mile stone i dont want to hit, but 21 will be good, so i can stay there all my life lol. wink

Any ways. We have a new mod on the go with the code name R:BOTH. This was started by Rob because he got board of not moding, and didnt want to do any AI work. So he started the code and the info for another extension to the Saga.

On ROTC terms, well i still havnt really managed to get skinning down the perfection, but i will get there sooner or later. I have not done much other than work and sleep, and playing on FEAR to relax, So mod time has suffered. I have as i said a bday soon, so im going out and enjoying myself with friends and family allot over the next weeks, so that will impact on lots of things lol.

Progress is being made tho, and i have allot of other side jobs on the go that are going to make me money. lol so well life goes on and things will get updated. Rob is supposed to be getting some new screen shots as he is the only one with the newest relese of the mod, and has the temp graphix in place without the skins on. Looking good i must say. So well once he has pulled his finger and got some screen shots while he is playing the game, we will have some more for the site.

Well enjoy what we have to offer at the moment, and keep checking back for more. smile

16 Nov 2005 : 12:30 by Hunt7s

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