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New Year, No Different Things
Well a new year and suposibly a new start.

Ye right.

Work on the mod is still static in the sence of release data, though i am still working on my skills with 3D rendering and skinning, and i must say im starting to get the hang of it, slowly but surly i think i should be able to make some sort of skin that matches what i really wanted, but have not been able to achive over the past year.

Other than that, nothing really happening on the mod (as far as i know)

As for life, its going slow and boring.sad no interacions socialy, all work and no play, no good for any one. people have dropped of the face of the earth since the new years eve of work. So two jobs, car, other financial standings. Good things are becoming of work, i have a couple of co-workers that i get on well with, and work on the same wave length, so working out very well with more things getting done than i could do on my own.

Sorry there isnt any more mod news than that i am learning things, but im sure there will be something soon. Rob has a few coding things up his sleeve i think.

Over and Out.
14 Jan 2006 : 01:07 by Hunt7s

by Hunt7s @ 07 Apr 2006 03:34 pm
Also would seem i cannot add new posts to the news, as the servers are screwing up and not showing my news admin pages. GRRRRR....

by Hunt7s @ 07 Apr 2006 03:31 pm
No We are not dead, just living lives, and still awating some extra help from skinners, as i am no longer in a possition to spend the time trying to learn to skin..:(

by CCCP Gosho @ 05 Apr 2006 03:53 pm

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