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Site Move / Upgrades

As probably some of you already know, the gamemod domain is not being used any more, so this site and all those that are on that domain are moving over to the cncguild domain. This does mean a full server move, as well as a full setup of all my applications and things again. So the site might be down for a week or two during the move.
I hope when the site comes back up that i will have the new download center finished, and that i will manage to figure out how to change the Entire Theme of it to make it match into the current site.

if any one has any comments about how to update the site, make it better, or any comments about the mod, do not hesitate to ask... and i will answer and things :)

13 May 2006 : 16:54 by Hunt7s

by Arahil Lines @ 04 Jul 2006 09:37 am
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