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RP 1.08 Released!!

Hi People,

Now that the RP Version 1.08 is out!!!

With the New Version of the Rock Patch, those that have The First Decade and Windows ME WILL now be able to play our mod, just simply download and install the 1.08 version of the Rock Patch and install Before you install our mod.

The download can be found on PD's Website: HERE

Now that it is released, more and more stuff can be put into the mod that has been coded. So hope for another relase soon.

Another Request  goes out to people as well, We still need a 3D modeler / skinner that can help me out with the buildings i have been making.

For now Over & Out....

PS: We are now over 300 downloads of the mod. Thank you all  it seems as though we average 100 downloads a month, allot more than i was thinking we would achive.

21 Aug 2006 : 18:28 by Hunt7s

by Hunt7s @ 24 Aug 2006 12:51 am
If you would like to contact us about these changes, or would like to join in to assist us with the mod, Contact us using the Forums and we will be glad of the assistance.

by Medusa @ 23 Aug 2006 11:10 pm
wassatJust to tell the maker of this mod that I'm trying to improve this mod by adding a few stuff myself...

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