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Good Evening People,

I am the bringer of bad news for now, the download section has been taken offline and i am so close  to removing commenting capabilities on the news posts. This comes after being spammed nearly every day through the comment fields on both sections, in just over a month it managed to rack up over 4500 spam comments. I have manged to keep up with them on the news, but was forced to take the downloads section down to prevent any more from being posted.

I am at the moment however in the process of installing a new version, but am having difficulties with the SQL service (database) that it requires, i have no admin page, or password to assist in the setup. I am still awating information from CNCGuild admin on this.

I hope you all hang in there, and i promis new downloads will be available as soon as its all back up and running.

Over & Out...

PS: I lost 120gb of data due to a RAID problem, so i lost the entire mod and its old resources. Thankfuly i had 16 hours to spair to get most of the mod back, but lost allot of other things. bobingabout should have a full history and copy of my folder somewhere, so i dont think there will be too much lost.

12 Apr 2007 : 21:34 by Hunt7s

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